Serving House Journal – Steve Kowit

Clare MacQueen at Serving House Journal has posted my two recent entries on the late Steve Kowit. I want to thank her for including me in this publication’s tribute to a wonderful poet whose place cannot be taken. The circle he is part of has not gone through its cycle yet, and many other points remain to be filled in within its arcs. His point, though, is marked with the footprint of one who stops somewhere, waiting for us.

By “us,” I am referring to people (and especially poets) who knew Steve far better than I did, and several of them have their recollections of Steve included in this special issue. These contributors include Deborah Albritain, Peter Bolland, Duff Brenna, Tim Calaway, Brandon Cesmat, Rebecca Chamaa, Anna DiMartino, Bill Hardin, Jackleen Holton Hockway, Peter J. Lautz, Sylvia Levinson, Lynda Riese, R.A. Rycraft, Ron Salisbury, and Al Zolynas.

Here’s the direct link to her posting:

This issue of Serving House Journal also includes an extraordinary showcase of Steve Kowit’s poetry. Although it includes such classic poems by Kowit as “Lurid Confessions,” which has to rank as one of the top 10 Stand Up poems of the past four decades, but “Cutting Our Losses,” which is as grimly hilarious as anyone could for.


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