“Side-Yard” Succulent Tsunami

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

In addition to calculating final grades for the past semester, I spent part of yesterday working on a brief speech in praise of my undergraduate student, Melissa Tang, who wrote a superb syllabic poem in one of my classes and was awarded the Beatrice and John Janesco Prize at the English Department’s annual banquet to honor its best students. Several of my colleagues gave very fine comments about our students’ writing, especially Patty Seyburn, George Hart, and Lisa Glatt.

Mid-day, on a walk to get just a bit of exercise, I noticed that the lobes of an enormous cactus appeared to touch the window of an adjacent second floor apartment. I didn’t have a camera with a telephoto lens, but I am sorely tempted to splurge on equipment just to get such a shot.




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