Susan Holcomb at LAX

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Two days ago, at 8 a.m., I was walking down a hallway at LAX towards the waiting area for a flight to Monterey Bay when I saw some paintings on the wall to my left. I thought about pausing to look at them longer, but wanted to make sure that I would get to my waiting area on time and kept walking, only to be brought to an immediate halt when I saw one of Susan Holcomb’s paintings on the wall. At that point, I reconsidered my neurotic haste, checked my watch and realized that I was going to make the start of boarding by at least 20 minutes. I spent several minutes enjoying the exhibit of her painting, which I had first seen at Bergamot station, as well as the work of several of the other artists.

The exhibit is one of several at LAX, including two that are open to the public without any need to go through security checkpoints. Currently, the “Departures” atrium at Terminal 2 serves as the temporary repository for Barbara Strasen’s “Flow and Glimpse” and Terminal 6’s ticketing area has Why Are You Here / No Thing To Declare / Declare Experience by ETMCA (aka the Code Artist). Unfortunately, the exhibit I got to see is one of the more expensive admission tickets in town, the equivalent of buying a seat close to the orchestra at Walt Disney Hall. Of course, you also get to fly somewhere, too. If you have to fly, I recommend trying to book it so that you leave from Terminal 7/8. Other artists in the show include Zoe Crosher, Yvette Gellis, Jill Greenberg, Roni Feldman, Yolanda Gonzalez, Christine Nguyen, Elizabeth Patterson, Lana Shuttleworth, Mark Stock, and Lacey Terrell. Crosher’s photographs of people gone missing at specific points in the Pacific Ocean made me think of the “cenotaph” series of poems I worked on recently.

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