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Caliban Chronicles: “The Will to Change” the System

Saturday, December 2, 2017

There are news reports Mr. Flynn has allegedly been “flipped” and will likely be giving damaging testimony against associates of President Trump who worked on behalf of his election. I seriously doubt that anything said in a court of law is going to result in Trump resigning, and as long as Congress is controlled by the GOP, does anyone believe that he would actually be impeached?

In fact, to be blunt, impeaching Trump would not really solve anything. Pence is no better. “Even mad chief need sane lieutenants,” said Hayden Carruth in a poem about “Adolf.” The only way to stop the madness in which those are who wealthy disclaim any responsibility for the health and well-being of their fellow citizens is to alter the party in power in Congress in 2018, and at least bring to a halt the dismantling of the social safety net. It will not be possible to rebuild what is being torn apart until at least 2022, but we can minimize the damages that will accumulate between now and then, if and only if we vote in sufficient numbers to change an unbalanced system.

The best analysis I have read of our situation can be found in Larry Smith’s latest edition of the Caliban Chronicles, and I urge you to read it. The only “friendly amendment” I would attach to Larry’s call to action is that the Baby Boomer generation is far too susceptible to the illusion that changes in Social Security and Medicare will most likely affect the next generation. Hey, folks: that’s the plan. First, the next generation is asked to make “adjustments,” and then they will come after the Baby Boomers and demand that they, too, reduce the economic returns on their lifetime of hard work.

Consider the following:
The United States is already facing a gloomy fiscal landscape. The federal deficit this year topped $660 billion, despite healthy economic growth, and the national debt now exceeds $20 trillion. Janet L. Yellen, the outgoing chairwoman of the Federal Reserve, appointed by President Barack Obama, warned last week that the national debt “is the type of thing that should keep people awake at night.”

The “Grand Off-shore Party” knows that the secret of political domination is to divide the opposition, and their plan is to fuse the resentment of Generation X and the Millennials over their “raw deal” and cause them to band together in viewing the Baby Boomers as their “enemy.” Unfortunately, Bernie Sanders’s campaign failed to see that his proposals about assisting each block of these voters was widening this generational split at an early point in this crisis. Sanders played right into the hands of the GOP’s long-term strategy.

Here is the link to Larry Smith’s call to action:


Ground Level Conditions

Caliban Chronicles #17

Larry Smith, the editor of Caliban magazine (both in its legendary print version and in its current on-line abode that is reaching an entirely distinct generation of readers) also issues an on-line broadside commentary publication called The Caliban Chronicles. The September issue (Vol. 5, No. 1) addresses the always already racial crisis in the United States that has not abated in the least simply because an African-American is serving as the current President (aka, Commander-in-Chief of the nuclear weapons stockpile that shores up this government’s claim to empire and its spoils). Mr. Smith’s brief essay deserves our close attention, and I turn the microphone over to him, at the following link:


From an e-mail sent to Larry shortly after I read Larry’s observations on the current election cycle: “Your article in the Caliban Chronicle sums it up very well. The only extended footnote I would add is about your comment concerning Reconstruction ending too soon. A couple of month ago I was thinking of the Civil War and how the decisions made by the “winning side” have continued to have a deleterious effect on this nation’s problems. In particular, it occurred to me that it was an enormous error to let the Southern States maintain their political boundaries and political rights. The rebel states should have been completely reorganized to force the white population to reconfigure their social imaginary.”
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