Caliban Chronicles #17

Larry Smith, the editor of Caliban magazine (both in its legendary print version and in its current on-line abode that is reaching an entirely distinct generation of readers) also issues an on-line broadside commentary publication called The Caliban Chronicles. The September issue (Vol. 5, No. 1) addresses the always already racial crisis in the United States that has not abated in the least simply because an African-American is serving as the current President (aka, Commander-in-Chief of the nuclear weapons stockpile that shores up this government’s claim to empire and its spoils). Mr. Smith’s brief essay deserves our close attention, and I turn the microphone over to him, at the following link:

From an e-mail sent to Larry shortly after I read Larry’s observations on the current election cycle: “Your article in the Caliban Chronicle sums it up very well. The only extended footnote I would add is about your comment concerning Reconstruction ending too soon. A couple of month ago I was thinking of the Civil War and how the decisions made by the “winning side” have continued to have a deleterious effect on this nation’s problems. In particular, it occurred to me that it was an enormous error to let the Southern States maintain their political boundaries and political rights. The rebel states should have been completely reorganized to force the white population to reconfigure their social imaginary.”
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