“That’s what Executive Time Is All About”: Elizabeth Warren’s Ad Campaign

President Donald Trump apparently spends a considerable amount of “executive time” watching television. I would suggest the Senator Warren make part of her advertising campaign a direct message about how she will use “executive time.”

In a space designed to evoke the Oval Office, the ad opens up on a silhouette at a desk. The lights come up, and we see Elizabeth Warren sitting at her desk. Behind her, we see a large screen TV with MSNBC commentators in a freeze frame. There is no sound on. Warren looks at the camera and smiles. “My first executive order.” She picks up a remote and turns off the TV, then tosses the remote in a trashcan.

She smiles again, and says, “Voters deserve better than recycled news. My job as President is not to watch TV, but to make how your lives are becoming better the news of the day. Your budget at home may not have gotten better the past four years, even if the banks are making record profits. As President, I will rectify this imbalance. That’s what executive time is all about.”

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