The Paris Review and “I Wanna Be Loved By You”

June 29, 2022

One may have noticed that access to this blog was recently blocked for the second time in six months. This time, the problem was resolved much quicker than the first time, but why there is any problem at all remains a mystery to me. GoDaddy seems unwilling to provide basic information to its clientele, who are always at the mercy of their arbitrary decisions about providing servers.

In any case, the blog is back, but I cannot predict how long it will be available. At some point, no doubt, GoDaddy will decide to shift to another set of servers, and leave its customers wondering why they have to spend their time trying to figure out how to remedy the situation. This is just a note to say that if you try to read the blog and can’t get to it, I understand your frustration.

Today, though, I want to call your attention to a post in the PARIS REVIEW yesterday that focused on Marilyn Monroe. It’s the perfect article to read to get you in the mood to find a copy of one of this year’s best anthologies: I WANNA BE LOVED BY YOU, edited by Margo Taft Stever and Susana H. Case, and published by MILK AND CAKE PRESS.


Marilyn the Poet
By Elisa Gonzalez
June 28, 2022

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