“Tweets from Hell”: Suzanne Lummis as CASSANDRA REDUX

12/31/19: the final day of a decade that proved to be a major disappointment. Having failed during his first two years in office to provide, immediately, jobs for those who became unemployed in the Great Recession, Barack Obama presided over the resurgence of the banking industry, which now has a free hand to devastate the world’s ecosystems under the loutish guidance of a man not fit for any public office, let alone being Commander-in-Chief.

The national election is scheduled for November 3, 2020. Upcoming in the new decade is the tenth anniversary of the day I nearly died: Wednesday, November 3, 2010, Linda drove me to the ER of the local hospital. Ever since July, I had been feeling the classic pains of a serious heart conditions. Tests were doled out by the insurance company at a parsimonious rate: it took a month just to have the first of three tests, and then another month to have the other two. No doubt they had their fingers crossed that I would simply die, and spare them the expense of treating them. At the ER I insisted that the diagnosis of the week before that there was nothing amiss with my heart was wrong. I had been told that it was a stomach problem. One final test was done, and it revealed that one of my arteries was 90 percent blocked. A stent was inserted, and I lived. I can empathize with Bernie Sanders, although I am afraid that his proposed medical plan would only create a health care system in which it would have been more likely that I would have died.

As conservative as Sanders is (and see my blog posts from four years ago to review the ways in which he dodges any confrontation with the central issue of the proliferation of weapons based on fission, not to mention systematic surveillance), I most certainly would vote for him, and would vote for Senator Warren with the same enthusiasm. Neither can win. It will be just like 1972’s debacle, with another electoral landslide for D.T. “The Republic” for which the flag stands will have its fatal heart attack ten years to the day I nearly died.

In playing the role of Cassandra, at Beyond Baroque on January 3, 2020, Suzanne Lummis will be reading “TWEETS FROM HELL” at 8 p.m. Lummis won a COLA grant from the City of Los Angeles that enabled her to devote time to this project, but I have enormous doubts that she would win a NEA grant based on what she will read. That extreme unlikelihood is exactly why I plan to be in attendance to applaud her latest work.

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