New Alliance Records 1993


 Act One: The Rival

1. In Line at Pancho’s Tacos[audio:|titles=In Line At Pancho’s Tacos]
2. Earthquake [audio:|titles=Earthquake]
3. Naked Chef [audio:|titles=Naked Chef]
4. Your Skin[audio:|titles=Your Skin]
5. After Many Years of Love[audio:|titles=After Many Years Of Love]
6. Cro-Magnon[audio:|titles=Cro-Magnon]
7. The Rival[audio:|titles=The Rival]
8. Sunset Blvd.[audio:|titles=Sunset Blvd.]
9. Tough to Please[audio:|titles=Tough To Please]


Act Two: Vehemence

10. The Drop[audio:|titles=The Drop]
11. Preparation of the Canvas[audio:|titles=Preparation Of The Canvas]
12. Doubleheader[audio:|titles=Doubleheader]
13. Complexities[audio:|titles=Complexities]
14. Odd Duck[audio:|titles=Odd Duck]
15. Obscentiy Oath[audio:|titles=Obscenity Oath]
16. Navy Brat[audio:|titles=Navy Brat]
17. Flooding the Engine[audio:|titles=Flooding The Engine]
18. The Man Who Got a Tattoo the Day His Mother Was Buried[audio:|titles=The Man Who Got A Tattoo The Day His Mother Was Buried]
19. Vehemence[audio:|titles=Vehemence]
20. An Answer[audio:|titles=An Answer]
21. Broadcasting[audio:|titles=Broadcasting]
22. For Roy Orbison[audio:|titles=For Roy Orbison]


Act Three: Heart of the World

23. The Trampolinists[audio:|titles=The Trampolinists]
24. The Kites[audio:|titles=The Kites]
25. Apt. No. 6[audio:|titles=Apartment #6]
26. Fireshadow[audio:|titles=Fireshadow]
27. Scorpio in the Summer[audio:|titles=Scorpio In The Summer]
28. The Other[audio:|titles=The Other]
29. Landscape With Cows[audio:|titles=Landscape With Cows]
30. Nameless Dread[audio:|titles=Nameless Dread]
31. The Contestant: Medusa’s 10am Game Show[audio:|titles=The Contestant- Medusa’s 10Am Game Show]
32. Cnadles/Wishes[audio:|titles=Candles-Wishes]
33. Sotel 13[audio:|titles=Sotel 13]
34. Monk[audio:|titles=Monk]
35. Radio Solitude[audio:|titles=Radio Solitude]
36. Heart of the World[audio:|titles=Heart Of The World]
37. Good Weight[audio:|titles=Good Weight]
38. Growing  Bones, Growing/The “Om” Poem[audio:|titles=Growing Bones, Grown-The ”Om” Poem]


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