Vote Report Suppression: Trump’s Secret Sauce

SATURDAY, September 19, 2020

“THE IDEA IS NOT TO SUPPRESS THE VOTE, BUT TO SUPPRESS THE REPORT OF THE VOTE.” — GOP campaign strategist, in an e-mail dated mid-July, 2020 (Source: Uanon)

The Democratic Party, as usual, does not understand the real problem they confront in an election. This time they believe the challenge is to overcome Trump’s attempt to suppress the vote by making it more difficult for people to cast a ballot or to have it delivered by the Post Office in time.

WRONG! Trump knows full well that he can’t suppress the vote enough for him to win the election. He also knows that when all the votes are counted, he will once again lose the popular vote.

However, if he can suppress the REPORT of the vote, then he can claim another Electoral College victory. Let’s look at how this will play out.

From Trump’s point of view, 160 electoral college votes are in the bag. White racism is not holding a fire sale. No discounts. The buyers are willing to pay top dollar.

Add to that the electoral college votes of the following states:

Pennsylvania 20
Michigan 16
Florida 29
Ohio. 18
Georgia 16
North Carolina. 15
Arizona 11
Minnesota 10
South Carolina 9
ME (2) — 1

The total is over 270 electoral college votes. Trump wins.

Now, you might say, the final vote count in Arizona and Minnesota will show that Biden won those states, so how can Trump possibly win? (cf: the Kennedy versus Nixon election in 1960; Bush versus Gore, 2000)

Ah! What you don’t understand is that reports on Friday, November 6th, that Biden has won Arizona by 132,749 votes, and Minnesota by 94,283 votes, are fabrications of the liberal media. That’s fake news derived from the machinations of a fraudulent vote.

Instead, Trump will claim, at 12:01 a.m., on Wednesday, November 4th, that all legitimate votes have been counted, and that he has won all of the above states, and therefore the electors in the delegations of those states to the Electoral College are legally bound to vote for him. The fact that the vote totals in North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida are too close for anyone to declare a winner will be irrelevant to Trump’s fantasy world.

Now I am hardly the only one to suggest the above scenario, but I furthermore say that there will be pressure put on those who record vote totals from precincts in the above states not to release information. Precincts known to be leaning towards Biden will be served injunctions, all of which have no legal basis but will be attempts to fluster people into delaying their reports. Keep your eye on the real GOP strategy: “THE IDEA IS NOT TO SUPPRESS THE VOTE, BUT TO SUPPRESS THE REPORT OF THE VOTE.”

I have put that statement in quotation marks because a “Deep State” operative has hacked into a certain political party’s campaign website, and one top-secret memo bluntly spelled out the “winning strategy.” Thank you, Uanon. Of course, I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that “Uanon” has no more access to reality than its cousin, “Qanon.” Neverless, democracy’s primary rule has never glowed in such shimmering neon: Caveat emptor.


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