Coming Attractions: Bob Flanagan

THURSDAY, June 27, 2013

One of the most overlooked anthologies of the past 40 years is Dennis Cooper’s Coming Attractions: An Anthology of American Poets in their Twenties, which was published by Cooper’s Little Caesar Press in 1980.  Perhaps my favorite poet in that collection is Bob Flanagan, who later became better known as a performance artist. His poetry, however, deserves to be remembered.

I drove down to Imperial Beach and back again today. Having a 92-year-old mother who is still living on her own but who resists having any assistance other than what her offspring can provide poses a challenge that I’m sure other baby boomers share. My posts will necessarily be brief on these days.

Having returned from my trip, I can think of no better way to close the day than bringing Bob Flanagan’s writing into this blog for the first of many times. His partner, Sheree Levin, made a crucial contribution to my anthology, “Poetry Loves Poetry,” and I also look forward to my entries about her photographs of the poets in PLP.


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