Cover of my forthcoming book

Pruebas Ocultas – COVER

I have received the cover design of my forthcoming book from Bonobes Editores in Mexico. I have also seen the design of the poems and like it very much. After I inquired about a credit for design being included with the colophon, Amelia responded that all their books are a collaboration by the editor Santiago Matías and the designer Raúl Cárdenas, and no credit for design as such is ever recorded in a book because everyone knows they do that work. Nevertheless, despite their modesty, I wish to acknowledge the very fine job they did on my book. Thank you.

Click on the link to see the cover and to read the statement on the back cover by Robin Myers, who worked with great assiduity alongside Jose Rico in selecting the poems from “hidden proofs” and “Bittersweet Kaleidoscope” to be included in this bi-lingual volume, and in translating them.



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